Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Top 5 Mistakes People Make After an Auto Accident

The Top 5 Mistakes People Make After an Auto Accident

By: G. Dallas & Associates
Each year, millions of people are injured and killed in car accidents in Nevada and across the country. These types of collisions are always traumatic and can be especially devastating if they lead to loss of life or permanent injury. Unfortunately, the mistakes people make after a car crash can exacerbate the situation. Simple, avoidable mistakes can mean you get less than you deserve from your insurance company or you lose your right to pursue a legal claim.

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

The most common car accident mistakes Las Vegas and Nevada attorneys see include:

1) Leaving the scene of an accident.

It’s pretty common to panic after a serious auto collision, but leaving the scene of an accident is against the law. If you find yourself in a car accident, remain calm and stay on the scene until tow trucks and law enforcement get there. Keep in mind that even if the other driver doesn’t want to report the car accident or claims they can simply wave off the accident, leaving without exchanging information can mean the other driver later falsely accuses you of a hit and run.

2) Failing to get medical advice.

You may think you were lucky enough to not be injured after a car accident. However, unless you are a doctor, you may not be able to make that evaluation for yourself. Always get a full medical checkup after a car accident, particularly if you may have hit your head. Only a medical professional can rule out possible head trauma and other serious injuries.

3) Not getting all the details about a car accident.

Always exchange contact information with the other driver, get contact information for any witnesses and get the full insurance details from the other drivers involved in your collision. In fact, make it a point to get as much information as you can.
Make sure accurate information makes it into the police report. Ask for a copy of the police report and get any incorrect information changed. Even if you’re not sure whether you want to pursue a legal claim, you may find out later on you are more seriously injured than you initially thought and having the facts in place may help you if you decide to pursue legal action.

4) Not reporting the accident.

Even if it’s just a minor collision, always report the accident to the police. Never let someone convince you to avoid the hassle of calling the police. If you decide to seek a claim with your insurance company later on or if you decide to pursue a legal claim, not reporting the accident can hurt your case.

5) Not getting legal representation.

You may think that because you have car insurance, you don’t have to worry about contacting an attorney. This is not the case. The process of seeking compensation or even filing an insurance claim can be complex and fraught with difficulties. An experienced auto accident attorney has the legal knowledge to represent you and offer legal advice. They can also take care of the extensive paperwork and details of your legal claim so you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.